The Hottest Female Celebrities Of 2017

When you say hot, it means stunning and head-turning figure and perfectly designed curves. Lots of popular singers, actresses and models are striving hard to achieve an attractive body. So, from a sea of gorgeous women, here’s a roundup of the hottest female celebrities of 2017:

Scarlett Johansson

A popular American model, actress and singer, Scarlett Johansson started her career in 1994 as a professional actress in the movie North. However, she was most noticed in Lost in Translation (2003) as she received the BAFTA Award’s Best Actress.

Right now, she is considered as one of the most in-demand actress due to her excellent performance on his previous films.  Dubbed as modern sex symbol, this beautiful lady is also got the title ‘Sexiest Lady Alive’ from different magazines all over the world.

Beyonce Knowles

Giselle Knowles-Carter in real life also deserves an accolade due to her bikini body. From HBO documentaries to Pepsi endorsements to her sexy performance in every Superbowl, Beyonce knows how to shut anyone’s mouth as soon as she walks into the spotlight through her physique.

Adriana Lima

One of the highly paid Victoria’s Secret angel model and actress, Adriana Lima never fails to lure every man’s heart with her dazzling body. Last 2012, she earned about $7.3 million. Currently, she is a brand ambassador a clothing brand Desigual and Calzedonia. Although she already has two kids, she still got that body anyone would die for.

Angelina Jolie

Bradd Pitt’s former wife, Angelina Jolie doesn’t just excel because of her unique acting skills but as well as due to her irresistible body. In addition to that, she received several awards such as three Golden Globe awards and two Screen Actors Guild Award. She is also a filmmaker and humanitarian.

These are the Hollywood’s hottest female celebrities of 2017. Seducing look, angelic face and appealing body – the killer combo they all have. That’s why they all belong in this list.

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